SAA Feature July

As I'm attempting to get my life back in order after several weeks of working on the magazine, a week of Grand Assembly, and two weeks of vacation; it was time to re-organize and re-stock the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents.

I tried to do a complete clean-out and overhaul.

There was much that stayed where it was, but several items that had been in the etsy shop moved to the booth. Here's a closer look at each shelf (top to bottom).

This first one is so high up (and it isn't even the very top shelf) that I'm hesitant to put much up there for fear that no one can see or reach it. So, these three necklaces sit there.

This shelf is a little more at eye level so I've packed it full of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

As this one is a little below eye-level, I've not put much high in it and instead have a sign and a mirror to fill the space.

Close to the bottom are more earrings and necklaces displayed in a variety of manners.

On the very bottom shelf, I have items pushed forward for better viewing. As well, most of the earrings on this shelf are at reduced/lower prices.

Here's one last look at the whole booth.
I think it's inviting and cute, but I'm not sure it garners much attention. What would you add to make it stand out? Do I need to add more color or pack more into it? Should I offer more than just jewelry? I often feel like I'm grasping at straws when it comes to this whole retail thing. I just wanna make stuff, trying to sell it is much harder. What gets your attention at an antique mall?


  1. Are you allowed to paint the sides? I see the other booths in either side of you are white too. I think maybe a bright color inside would make your booth stand out from the others. . If you can't paint, cover with material, colored or painted poster board, etc. I know you would come up with something. I have a bunch of stuff for you, also some clear plastic boxes if you want them.

    1. First. . .who is this?
      No, I cannot paint the sides. But, dressing them up to stand out isn't a bad idea. I just don't want to do anything that would be too dark. I'll think on it.
      Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Looks great Hope! I will definitely stop by next time I'm in Fairhope!

    1. Jenna, It means so much that you like it! You have such fabulous taste :D
      Thanks for dropping in!

  3. I love all the different displays, especially those made of "lying around" objects that draw the interest of visitors, I'm sure. I hope someone will give you an advice what to change to attract more customers, I'm not the one with experience. Some of my wire woven sea glass pendants sold well before Christmas at a nearby boutique but almost nothing since then, even though the owner often rearranges the shop window and the jewelry with different outfits.

  4. I wish I had the answers to your questions, but unfortunately I wonder all the same things. There is so much competition out there for jewelry and handmade items, it's hard to know what will capture a buyers eye, either on Etsy or at a retail store. The one thing I know for sure is that a sign saying "Sale" will always get me to take a closer look. lol

    1. Lorraine, I was considering marking that the items on the lowest shelf were reduced. But, wan't sure about it. I also thought about having a 10-15% off sale. Maybe I'll do that next month and just do it for the month or a couple of weeks. I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with drawing attention! You have no idea how many tactics I've tried over the years. Oh well, maybe I'll get it right someday! Thanks so much for your ideas and support!


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