We're Not the Romantic Type

Yes, that really is a toilet.
No, my husband didn't give me a toilet for Valentine's Day. Don't be silly. He installed it for me for Valentine's Day.

Let me start by repeating the title, we are not the romantic type. Yes, every girl likes flowers and chocolates and proclamations of love, but Pat and I celebrate our love for one another every single day. Again, seriously. So, when Valentine's Day rolls around there's no need for a big production. However, I do like a reason to craft something for my honey. This year was no exception. When I found this list of 5 Cute Valentine Ideas, the wallet suggestion gave me instant inspiration.

Pat needed a new wallet and had given me the Silhouette Cameo for Christmas. Putting his monogram on a hard case wallet would make him happy by fulfilling a need and using his gift as well. I had intended to put some items in the wallet, but figuring out how to cut the vinyl took more tries than I had anticipated. And, if you notice in the picture, I put the darn letters on upside down. Oops. He still likes it thankfully.

I also made him a simple card using the Dollar Valentine Stamps I carved a few weeks ago and cooked a dinner of Chicken Tikka Masala and Homemade Naan. (They were delicious! The food, not the stamps)

I'll admit that I wasn't expecting anything from Pat, but when I made it into the living room Valentine's morning, I found this sentiment on my computer.
Awwww! You need to know that this pertains more to the fact that the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead was coming on that evening than to any of his anatomy. Get your mind out of the gutter!

On the back of the card was a promise to replace Myrtle. See.... Myrtle was the toilet in the master bathroom. She wasn't in the pictures of the house tour. However, she made her presence known often.
See her there peeking out between the two showers (TWO SHOWERS - WHAT?) in the master bathroom the day I took the other pictures.

She was named Myrtle by a dear friend after Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. And boy could my Myrtle holler. She made this horrible high-pitched ten-minute-long squeal EVERY TIME she was flushed. We knew after her first use that she would have to be replaced. In fact, we bought a replacement just a week or two after moving in. However, the task sat undone while a toilet in a box sat in my bedroom. And, Myrtle's squeals continued to echo through the house day after day after day.

Replacing Myrtle didn't take long (Pat had it done in less time than it took me to cook dinner), but the rewards will be long-lasting. My sanity is saved to say the least. Oh, and, I don't have to deal with a wood toilet seat any longer. Thank heavens! YUCK!!

So, despite the fact that the rest of that dark, dingily painted bathroom still needs lots of work. I don't have to hear it talk back to me anymore. True Love knows when you can't take an ugly, screaming toilet any longer, romance is not required.


  1. LOL about Myrtle! I must admit, that's a bit of a strange bathroom with two showers and a toilet in between like that. Your vanity counter top looks a lot like the one in ours that we want to replace. I'd rather have a nice new bathroom than a piece of jewelry any day. We're trying to do ours on a low budget but finding just the right materials used is not easy. We may have to go with new if we don't find what we need.

    1. Yes, Myrtle has been a pain. I'm still in awe at the new, white, meek beauty that's in there now. She's actually a little tall for my taste, but I'll take what I can get. I was just thinking that about the countertops too. The whole bathroom needs to be re-done eventually, but it's not a high priority item. There are still some other fixes that need to go first on the list. I think a coat of bright paint will help the room out immensely but there are other rooms that even need that more. I just can't seem to find the time to take on all the tasks that need doing. I may need to adjust my weekly goals a bit to meet them. Hmmmmm....I need a fire under my butt.

  2. ha ha! perfect name for the old girl. and I think it is absolutely romantic to have the new one installed! I'd take a gift like that pretty much any day of the week!

  3. Too cute Hope! So glad you have a new toilet that doesn't talk back to you!

    1. Jenna, Thanks! I wasn't sure how this post would go over. But, I'm pleased that others see the humor in it also. Yes, it's such a relief to not hear that noise anymore. I'm still a little surprised after these three days. Ha! Thanks again.


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