Friday Finds #6 | Thrift Store Scores

Last week I got a little restless so I knew I needed to venture out and hit up some thrift stores and antique malls. Sometimes I feel like I get those urges because there's something out there that's calling my name and beckoning to me to come get it. Yes, I have an over-active imagination but just check out my finds.


I'll admit that I only found these treasures at half of the places I visited. But, who doesn't love the thrill of the hunt?
As soon as I walked into the first place, I noticed that they had a display of office supplies. This rolodex caught my attention since it was full of blank rolodex cards. 
The Facebook group I do most of my swaps with often does altered rolodex card swaps, but that was a supply I didn't have on hand. I think I'm well-supplied now!

Over in the book section I spied the edge of this old music book.
The frayed edges and twine tie piqued my interest.
I was sold when I saw the fountain penned name and date on the inside cover.
And the music pages are beautifully aged too. (This picture's not the best. Sorry about that.)
As a bonus, this Beethoven music book was also tucked between some of the pages. Score!

I also spotted the edge of this French book.
There's hardly any English words in the book, but lots of images and French phrases on wonderfully yellowed pages.
Awesome, right?

My time at that thrift store yielded no more finds so I moved on to a few more places. My last stop of the afternoon was an antique mall where I spent almost an hour. In the same booth I had found the keys a few months ago was this broken compass.
It's missing its hand, but that's not necessary for my needs.
The front has US engraved on it and some wonderful splotchy patina. I'm not sure if it's military or someone's initials or a brand. But, it's pretty darn cool.

I also picked up this jar of handmade sweet pepper jelly. 
I just can't resist pepper jelly. It's so good on crackers and cheese.

The biggest steal of the day was this turquoise starburst Pyrex dish.
The lid has a chip out of it, which was hard to photograph.
But, it's real and true Pyrex. 
The few searches I've done for this pattern have shown that the cheapest one for sale was about $50 more than I paid. A steal!

It wasn't a huge haul, but it got me out of the house for the afternoon and I was able to silence those pieces that had been calling my name.

What have you found of late?


  1. Cool Pyrex piece! Love the color and it has that atomic retro starburst on the side. Nice find. I'm intrigued by the idea of using Rolodex cards as swaps. I'm imagining a collection that you can just flip through and enjoy. What a neat twist on the ACEO idea. I've heard that Rolodexes sell well on ebay and maybe that's why.

    1. Lorraine - Yes! That pyrex was such an amazing score. I'm glad I went ahead and picked it up. I almost didn't. What's ACEO? I'm not sure if the little upcycling of rolodex cards for art is the reason they sell well or not. . .but now that I have this single case and all these cards I'm well set for a while. Ha! Thanks for popping in!!


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