The Go To Jewelry of A Jewelry Artist

As a jewelry artist, I know I should constantly be wearing my art. However, I'm horrible at remembering to throw some on before I run out the door. And, the few times that I do grab something, I find myself drawn to the same things over and over again. I thought I'd share those few pieces with you today.
This is the one that my hands fly to most often. I think it's the variety of colors. It works with anything - brightens up neutrals, matches colorful outfits, and layers well with everything else.

One of the other necklaces that I wear time and again is this darker piece. It was one of my JUNK necklaces listed in my shop at one time. It never did sell. That was for the best because I'm not sure I would have been able to part with it. It feels a bit edgier to me, and I wear it when I need to feel a little more punk-rock-cool.

Finally, the last necklace in this small collection of my go-tos is this gold tassel necklace with a  large shabby bead. Like the other two, it's a long necklace. I'm just drawn to them. What of it? Anyway, I like it for its ability to lighten up a dark outfit.

Earrings are a little more accessible for me right now (accessible because of a long story involving the move and the fact that all of my necklaces are tangled in a cardboard box.) These four and a pair of diamond studs are my favorites right now. The top left ones were not made by me, but by another artist. I don't really wear them all that often because they were made by someone else - I know its best to wear my own stuff to advertise it. However, those hardware earrings have such a great edge to them. On the top right, I combined some ceramic drops from Petra of Scorched Earth on Etsy with small bone beads and rhinestone spacers. I adore each and every element in these. They are my absolute favorite. I made them for the shop, but haven't been able to bring myself to list them. Below those are some simple faceted briolettes wrapped with a bunch of silver tone wire. They are simple and go with practically everything, working well to dress up a casual outfit. Finally, on the bottom left are mother of pearl buttons paired with aqua blue Czech glass. They are lightweight and fun to wear.

Bracelets aren't a jewelry item I usually wear. But, ever since I acquired the two bracelets on either side of the picture for Christmas, I rarely take them off. The button bracelet in the middle was added to my wrist just the other day. You might be able to see that I've alrady stained it with paint while playing in the craft room. However, the bracelet is lightweight, and I just love the pistachio-cream-colored buttons in it.

So that's what adorns me on the days I'm actually adorned. Do you have go-tos also? What are you drawn to?


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    1. Thanks Kathy!! Do you have any go-to pieces too?

  2. Great post! I'm a bit abashed as well that I don't wear much jewelry, except some few favorites. This would be a fun blog hope to have others share what is their
    "daily" wear stash.

    1. Lynda, You're not alone at all in the not wearing much jewelry. I agree that this would be a good blog hop. I thought of that just as I was posting it. Alas, I wanted the post up rather than exercise some patience and wait. I will definitely keep it in mind for another time though. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm interested in what others wear too! :)

  3. I'm a big bracelet fan and agree you have to have the right fit so they don't drive you crazy all day. Love all of the above!


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