Thrift Haul

I've had a few opportunities to go thrifting lately, so it's about time to share what I've picked up. First, I made a video a little over a week ago (and just uploaded it this morning) of some of my thrift haul.

As well, over the weekend I hit a few yard sales in my immediate area. (I'm a little disappointed I didn't venture out further as there were apparently several large neighborhood yard sales that I  missed. Oh well.) 

The first stop was a local church's sale. They had boxes of items all lined up and let you fill a shopping bag for $1.
I grabbed some books: another dictionary, a youth hymnal, and this Outlines of Music History.
I like the polka dots on the tin bank that held those plastic vials (perfect for beads) and the tin plate caught my eye too.
While I was at it, I threw in the Dot to Dot game pad and this notebook that had some writing in it (perfect for art journals/collages).

Next was a small neighborhood sale.
There were only four houses participating in the garage sale, and this pretty light blue. . .candy dish (?) was the only item I bought. There were a few more things that I wanted, but the prices were a little steep for my taste.

I stopped at one last yard sale on my way home.
I was able to get all these pieces, destined to be taken apart and upcycled,  for only a buck.

One of the great things about Spring (besides the weather) is the abundance of yard sales you can find each weekend. I was glad to be able to eke out a little time to treasure hunt. Have you found any great treasures yourself lately?

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  1. Hey Hope!
    Love those sequins. They almost look like a mermaid blue color. Great finds!! I so need to get out and do some thrifting myself. Hopefully this weekend. Have a great week.

  2. Looks like some great finds, especially the jewelry grouping at the end! I've been having some good luck out picking the yardsales and thrift stores lately, too. I shared my finds over at my blog, Just dropped some of my finds off at the shop today! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Judy, I just love the spring for its abundance of thrifting opportunities! I'll definitely have to go take a peek at your finds. I've so gotten behind in my blog hopping lately. Oops!

  3. we are kindred souls in that way .... I look at jewelry in yard sales, second hand stores or even on vacation in the tourist shops as items to be taken apart for their pieces and beads :)

  4. You always find the good deals when you are thrifting, LOL. In a month, our whole neighborhood will have a community yard should come on over.

    1. Lee - I don't know about ALWAYS. But I do look often and that helps for sure! As for your yard sale, I so wish I could. ;) It's time to start planning my own now too. The hubs and I are feeling overloaded with STUFF at the moment. If only I could stop shopping. Ha.

  5. I am jealous. You always find the good things. Our little town with only three blocks downtown has only junky stuff. I love the little tin.

  6. Those church sales are the best! Love your books and thrifty finds. Thanks for sharing at Vintge Inspiration Party.

  7. I agree I love the abundance of yardsales! It's fun to go for a little adventure--finally my kids are getting into it too-like pointing out signs and shopping with their own money. Love the necklace you're going to take apart, can't wait to see what it becomes.

    1. Oh, I remember some of my first yard sales too with my grandmother. It was always such an adventure. As for the necklace, who knows what it'll be. . .probably several different things. But first, I have to hoard it for a while before I even take it apart. Such is my way. ;) Thanks for stopping in!!


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