Meal Plan and Recipe Review (better late than never)

Doggone it all if I haven't let the week get away from me again. How is it already Wednesday and I still haven't shared my menu for the week? Oh right. . .I over-extended myself and have spent the majority of the last five days across the bay either helping my cousin or involved with friends. It was worth it. Let me go on and get to the 'meat' (har, har, har) of this post, my meal plan.

Breakfasts: Cereal, Smoothies, Cheese grits/oatmeal, Eggos, Ham omelets

Lunches: Pepperoni paninis, Soup w/grilled cheese, Chicken finger wrap, Tuna noodles, Bean burritos, PB&J, Cheese quesidilla

Veggie Burgers w/sweet potato fries
Chicken Marsala w/noodles & salad


Recipe Review

No Noodle Pad Thai: The picture on the site (not the one above) made this look so good. Alas. . .  First off, Pat and I couldn't bear the thought of 'raw' tofu so I did lightly cook it in some coconut oil before adding it to the 'noodles'. We both thought this tasted fine, but that the meal was missing something. It didn't satisfy us. We just weren't full enough. It also made a horrendous mess in my kitchen, all those julienned veggies were flying EVERYWHERE!! Despite the good flavor and the healthiness of it, I won't be making this again.

Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta: I was a little excited about this one. I like broccoli, I like pasta, I like feta. How could it go wrong? This was an okay dish. It just didn't seem to have much flavor. I think maybe using a vegetable broth instead of the water to thin it down would have helped greatly to up the flavor factor. I'm not sure if I'll make it again with that adjustment or not. I enjoyed it, but it just didn't have enough umph.

So the above vegetarian recipes just didn't work out for us. I'm sure I'll find some more soon. . .at least I hope I do as we're getting a little tired of some of the tried and true ones. Let me know if you know of any great ones!


  1. At first glance, I was thinking I'd love to try the No Noodle dish - as I am eating less carbs these days - but then I read about the mess. No to No Noodles for me, too.

    P. S. You were sOOOOO missed yesterday! No more overextending yourself during SBJ week!


    1. Kim, The dish itself was good. . .it just left something to be desired and yeah, the mess. I'm a messy cook anyway bit this was crazy! I hate that I couldn't make it yesterday. I'd love to know what y'all discussed if you did any minutes or anything. And you are too sweet! :)

  2. That noodle photo looks so good and I was thinking that would be good for supper until I read your review. Too bad it was so messy to make.


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