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You may or may not have noticed, but I love using found objects in my jewelry-making. Much of what I use that's labeled in that manner are 'found' at thrift and antique stores. However, I'm always on the lookout for other little treasures and usually have my eyes trained downward.  I'm constantly stuffing my pockets or stashing items in my car after I find some little trinket on the sidewalk, parking lot, beach, etc. In fact, I have little caches of found objects all over the house.

In the craft room
a little bowl holding these treasures
One the dryer (where they come out of my pockets)
This is after I've picked out all the change and stashed it elsewhere
On the kitchen counter
Some shells and driftwood from the beach
On my side table in the living room
Not much here as it usually ends up in the laundry room
 In my car
pardon the grossness, I need to get in there and detail it soon

As you can see, these treasures range from miscellaneous metal pieces to rocks and shells to buttons and broken jewelry. I pick it all up. Now if I could only figure out what to do with these bits of awesome. At some point, I will sort through them and store them in these drawers, but for now they stay scattered.
These are somewhat organized by type

Please tell me you have collections like this as well. And, what trinkets catch you eye?


  1. Hi Hope,
    Wow that is quite a collection of found objects. I occasionally will pick up something I find interesting, but it ends up in my desk drawer forgotten until I decide to clean out the drawers, but rarely do my found objects end up in my jewelry designs.
    PS: I love the metal butterfly in the first shot.

  2. Had to laugh at the things found in the dryer! I know exactly what you mean, and with two boys, sometimes I can't even identify what it is I've found!
    Can't wait to see what pretty things you make from it.

  3. The other day I found a perfectly nice wine glass (the morning after First Friday) and a nice Paper Mate pen! I always have my eyes downward looking for treasures too. The best thing I ever found was a silver bracelet. My hubby has a little room lined with those tiny drawer things organizing all the parts he uses to make his creations.

  4. Mostly river and beach stones - my collection is not very impressive but I've been nourishing an idea about them for some time... I've had many but this one might just be accomplished :) And I've got some sea glass, waiting to be drilled or wire wrapped. And people's broken or unwanted jewelry for makeover. All scattered around the house. I'm not proud of that, have to find a place for everything but it's fun to rummage through them :)

  5. This post went straight to my heart! I do this all the time. I always walk looking down...the scavenger in me. I pick up a lot of what you have picked up. I see everything as a potential for a piece of jewelry or to be put in a mobile (a yet to be made mobile!). There are tiny stashes in my car/laundry/kitchen counter/bedfoom/bottom of my purse/suitcase. Aside from rocks, I have hardly used any yet, but I will ~ a "found objects" line of jewelry. I wish I did this when I was in school in NYC...can you imagine the goodies waiting to be picked up there?!

  6. Great to connect with you today, Hope! Enjoyed you found little treasures. You introduced yourself to me today as the blogger Crafty Hope, I dorkily responded with "nice to meet you Crafty Hope," knowing full well your first name was not Crafty. Your response, so cool-smooth, "No it's just Hope," made me feel welcome from the get go.

    1. Alan, It was awesome to meet you also! I like knowing that I have a friend at the library, maybe I can get some pull with those late fines. j/k! I felt like I was the dork because obviously my name is Hope. I can be a little awkward for sure. I'm glad you felt welcome at our group of scattered bloggers. You definitely provided some great input! Can't wait to see you at the next one. I hope y'all had fun at lunch! ~Hope

  7. I like the thought of training ones eyes downward :-) Such treasures to be found!
    I'm so envious of the driftwood, not by my lake...
    Have a happy day!


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