Bead Table Wednesday: 3/19 (from the couch)

Pat is out of town for a few days, so I get to figure out who I would be if I were single. So far I've realized

Yeah. . .I don't watch much Glee while he's at home. Since I knew I'd be bumming it on the couch for almost endless a few hours, I made up a tray of work to do in front of the TV.

In fact, it's sitting there now waiting for me to watch some more Glee this evening! I can't wait to get to work.

So what's on your bead table (or couch) this Wednesday? 
BTW was originated by Heather of Humblebeads.


  1. Hope, it's amazing how much we get done when unburdened by certain other duties LOL.

  2. Even though I don't work with beads, a night of pretty things like that to "play" with and fun TV sounds wonderful!

  3. Great to accomplish something while you are watching TV.

  4. LOL, I want to come to your house and party! I have links on my table tonight. I'm enthralled with Cindy Wimmer's book.

    1. Lee - Ha! It was really kinda sad. I ended up not accomplished much with the beads at all. . ..alas! Wishful thinking I suppose. I appreciate you stopping in! :)

    2. Oh. . .and yeah, Cindy's book ROCKS!!


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