Menu and Recipe Review (2/24)

For some reason I didn't struggle too much with today's menu. Oh, that's right. . .I carried over over half of it from last week. Whatever, that just means less grocery shopping this week. WIN! (I do try to be a positive person.)

Breakfasts: Smoothies, Cereal, Omelets, PB&J muffins, Waffles (from freezer)

Lunches: Cheese quesidillas, pizza (from freezer), Tuna noodles, PB&J, Bean burritos, Soup w/grilled cheese, Leftovers

Sauteed Curry Paneer with sugar snaps & peas over rice (subbing tofu for paneer)
Crunchy garlic chicken w/red potatoes and corn
BBQ tofu pizza w/salad


Recipe Review

Chicken noodle soup: I used the linked recipe as a reference mainly. It was SOUP-ER easy and pretty good too. I used chicken broth and a large chicken breast that I already had in the freezer. I added some chopped carrot to up the vegetables and it was perfectly fine. Definitely will make again.

Three cheese lasagna: For a lasagna, this wasn't too hard to make. I think my biggest complaint was cutting down the noodles. It seemed like such a waste of food. I may make this again but I'll rework the noodles to make sure there is less wasting them. We enjoyed this and even ate all the leftovers.

I hope you are trying to find the WIN in your Monday too!

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