Thrifted and Recycled

The entire time we've lived in our house, Pat and I haven't had a coffee table. Now, I know that may mean nothing to some people, but it's driven me a little bonkers. Where am I supposed to stack my magazines, put my feet up, place the TV remotes? We've been on the lookout for one we like for a long time, but have never quite found the right one. Until now. . .kinda.

See, we went thrifting together and Pat found this wonderful all-wood desk with a broken leg. He was in the market for some drawers and bases for the larger tools in the garage. For 35 bucks, we took the desk home. Once he got the top of the desk off to get to the drawers, we realized that the top was the perfect size for a coffee table and a plan began to solidify.
The desktop in question
We bought an old door from a shop up the street and Pat began the process of coming up with designs for the table. After settling on a design, he created the base with panels from the old door and some other wood he had in the garage. We also picked up some old casters at yet another place. (I had to have old ones; new, shiny casters just didn't seem to fit with the theme.)
The cats were puzzled by this new, large item.
He affixed the desktop to the base. . .
Isn't it a beauty!?
. . .and I have the most perfect coffee table EVA!
Check out the layers of paint on the door and the awesome wearing on the tabletop.

In addition to the desk, Pat also bought a couple of old two-drawer filing cabinets. Once I inspected the inside of them, I insisted on being given the contents.
Do you see what I see?
Check out those brass re-inforcers on the folders!!

They tear right out too!
I see all kinds of possibilities.

The backs have this bit of separation to them though.
I think I can hammer them flat without a problem. What kind of possibilities do you see in the rings?

Oh, and these were in one of the drawers too.
Too funny. . .right!?

I'm so happy that we were able to recycle some vintage pieces into furniture we both really love. And, I'm excited that I found some items in an unexpected place that I can use in my jewelry-making. What a wonderful surprise. What kind of surprises have you discovered while thrifting?


  1. Love it! & Those reinforcers... are SCREAMING for resin :-D

    1. Tammie - Thank you! Aren't those reinforcers cool? I thought you would dig them. I hadn't considered resin, Hmmmmm that's a GREAT idea! Thanks :)

  2. oh you crack me up! only you would look at file folders and think jewelry! that coffee table is pretty sweet! we've thrifted quited a few items from the streets of San Francisco. I got pretty good an sanding, staining and re-upholstering! I'll have to do a post or two on that :)

    1. Cynthia- Only me? I doubt that, but you definitely made me laugh. I haven't tried upholstering before. Fabric scares me. . .ha!

  3. Great coffee table!

  4. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!? I love what you/Pat did with those recycled pieces.

  5. Hope~you and Pat had a big score here! What a great idea. And each time you put your feet up, you guys can high five each other. It is probably much more solid and sturdy than any coffee table you could buy at a furniture store! Those brass rings are a score! You'll come up with something for them. Perot for President! I saw that and I instantly thought of Dana Carvey doing Ross Perot parodies on Saturday Night Live.

  6. Love the coffee table. Genius design!

  7. rock the DIY movement! I've never thrifted for furniture so far, but I make all of the pieces I bought go the distance, by incorporating them with newly accuired, inherited... etc. Into a surprisingly cohesive mix. So far my DIY has been limited to upholstery replacements and sanding off/varnishing worn off patches.

    1. Ana, We don't usually thrift for furniture either (much) but we always keep our eye out for solid pieces. That desk was absolutely solid wood and so cheap that we couldn't pass it up. Upholstery isn't something that I've dabbled in yet. It's so easy to mess up. One day though, one day. Thanks for swinging by!


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