Today I'm. . .

Trying out something new.

Currently, I'm. . .
Bookmarking: Recipes. I’m ALWAYS finding new recipes. This one for a Pecan Cobbler is probably the latest find.

Creating: Space. I’ve got this pile of beads and love the palette, but have become completely stuck on what to make of it. At this point, I just want it off my desk but I don't want to just stuff it away. Sigh.

Enjoying: The weather. The temperatures have started to go down a little here in the Deep South and it’s almost bearable to be outside.

Feeling: Better. The cold I had a few weeks ago is finally coming to an end. I hope.

Giggling: At myself. I'm still really tickled by my anniversary pun from yesterday.

Listening: To the quiet. Mornings are really quiet here. All I really hear is the running of the fishtank and the white noise of my laptop.

Listing:  A new necklace. Here's what's newest in the Etsy Shop.
Dawn Necklace

Needing: Coffee. My cup is low again dangit.

Noticing: The mess. Well, I’m not just now noticing it, but the disastrous clutter in the craft room is getting to me. It may be time for another overhaul.

Reading: Sedaris. I really prefer to listen to David Sedaris read from his books, he’s so funny. But I picked up his newest book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, from the library a few weeks ago and have finally cracked it open.

Watching: Star Trek (seriously).  During lunch, Pat and I watch an episode of a show on Netflix. We've worked through all the episodes in several shows this way. We started on Star Trek: The Next Generation last week and are really getting a kick out of it.

Wearing: Comfort. Today is all about comfort so I threw on jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. Also, bare feet.There will be flip-flops in my future (it's not that cool yet) and probably a necklace before leaving the house.

Wishing: To go thrifting. I think I might hit up a favorite antique store or two when I head into Mobile later today.

Wondering: What you think. How do you like this type of post from me?


  1. I like the freshness and organization of this post. And your Steel Heart :-) That necklace is gorgeous~those colors are so soothing! I have some David Sedaris but haven't opened yet. I don't know why, because when I see him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he makes me laugh so hard I start to get cramps. Your suggestion of listening to him is a great one...full affect there!

  2. I like it Hope, although it should be titled the Meanderings of Crafty Hope.

  3. I like this, and I am going to do it for my blog! Also, let me know how you like that book. It's on my list of potential books to check out. :-)

    1. G- I'm glad you like it! I've got a bunch of other suggestions of -ING prompts if you want them. I may actually do a post on what those are too. Maybe. . . So far, I'm enjoying the book. David Sedaris is a funny, funny man. I'm hoping to finish it before it's due at the library (on Monday!) I'll let you know when I see you tomorrow! :)

  4. How about a long linked chain or a dangly charm bracelet with the beads?
    Like the different style of post for a change occasionally.

  5. I like this type of post quite a lot! In fact, I'm thinking of borrowing it!!!!! :)


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