Back in the Saddle Again for Menu Plan Monday

I could go on and on about why I haven't blogged for over three weeks (computer problems, vacation, wedding shower planning, etc.) but the sad reality is that you probably haven't even noticed my absence. So, the plan is just to try to jump back in and pretend that there was no blip in my posting schedule.

Today's a new day and a Monday at that so it's Menu Plan Monday for me!

Breakfasts: Cereal w/fruit, Juice, Waffled Monte Cristo Sandwich w/fruit, Yogurt with granola & fruit, Cheese omelets w/toast and fruit

Lunches: Soup & grilled cheese, PB&J w/carrots & hummus and string cheese, Juice, Cheese quesidillas w/salsa and fruit, Pita pizzas w/salad

Shrimp with Garlic and Parsley w/boiled new potatoes and steamed broccoli

Hopefully getting back to my routine is the start of something good. Is it weird that even though I'm a gal who loves some spontaneity to her life, having my routine back also makes my heart sing a little? Probably, especially since I also pride myself on my weirdness.

In the spirit of routine, I also got this beauty listed in the shop today.
A Walk in the Woods Necklace
I hope my absence wasn't to hard on you. . .HA!


  1. The past few weeks, I haven't even been sure I'VE been around! Good to see you back, though -- hope life's settling down a bit for you.

  2. I noticed you were gone! I figured you were off doing stuff. Otherwise, I would have nagged you to come back.

    I see you're making quesadillas. I haven't tried this yet, but my friend Audrey made them with cheese and avocado, which sounds delicious to me. :)

  3. Actually a couple of days ago I was thinking that I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. Glad you're back :-)

  4. Actually, Hope, I did wonder where you were and what was happening in your life. I don't always comment on the blogs I follow (I know, not a good thing to lurk!) but I do read so I know what's going on in people's lives and what they're up to. Glad you're back. Routine is good as long as it's not obsessive!!

  5. You've been a busy one! I'm glad you are back with the menu planning again. It actually helps me do the same. Otherwise I am usually wandering down every aisle at the grocery all glassy-eyed and frustrated.


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