Another ZnetShows Design Challenge

You may remember a few months ago I was involved in designing some pieces for ZNetSows with their cultured sea glass for their Tuscon booth. I was again invited to be part of the design team for their Diamonds in the Rough Challenge. This challenge involves using some of ZnetShows' less loved inventory to show off their beauty. We got to pick a few of the 'diamonds' ourselves and got a few surprises as well. Here's what I very generously received:
Strands of glass and gemstone beads
I've been playing around with these goodies since before I left on vacation, but I'm kicking my designing into high gear this week to bust out some cool pieces. Or, at least I hope they're cool.

Our designs are due in at the end of this month. After that, I should be able to share what I made. Keep an eye out!

In addition, if you haven't heard, the Bead Soup Blog Party's second and third reveals were postponed by a week. This means that my reveal that was scheduled for this past Saturday (the 6th) will now be this coming Saturday (the 13th). I think I've finished up those designs despite the fact that I still have a few soup bits littering my desk that I keep pondering over. We'll see what happens by Friday night. In any case, be sure to stop back by to see what I made.

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  1. How fun! I would love to be part of a team like that. Can't wait to see what you create :-D


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