The Horror that Almost Was

Since I showed you what was on my desk yesterday and I don't really want to show you how it ended up (as I'm considering submitting the finished product for publication consideration), let me show you where it ALMOST went. (Sensitive readers may want to avert their eyes.)
Yes. . .I ALMOST went in that direction with the heart bead. It was my starting point for the whole process. Once I got the above laid out, I realized just how much not ME this necklace was becoming. Here's a better look at the 'completed' part.
There was just something off about the whole thing. So I had to sit and contemplate how I really envisioned using that heart and how I would wear it. Once I did that, the beads and components that you saw yesterday began to pile up on the desk and the ones that you see above disappeared from view. . .thank goodness!!

I'm trying to get better about making things that reflect my style rather than making items for the sake of having something made. I've got to start editing myself and this was a positive step in that direction.

How often do you stop yourself mid-creation to follow another route, possibly the better route?

To remove the image of the offending almost-necklace (you know, to wash it from your brain), let me share something much more soothing and beautimous with you; the treasury I created today.
Rustic Blue Treasury
I called it Rustic Blue. Much better, right!?


  1. OMG! all the time! Often I'm halfway through a project and just not liking it, and even others I will have finished it and don't like it. So I rip it out. Yep - I'm a ripper. But it helps the design. Good luck on the submission!

  2. Don't feel bad, we all have those times when something we make just doen't feel right. That happens to me many times, which is why I always let the pieces stay on the bead table for a few days before I tag them for selling.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Cynthia- I usually will make a project, photograph it, and list it before I realize just how much I dislike a piece. It's a thing with me, the piece is finished so it must be fine. It's like I never step back from it and see it for what it really is. I want to make myself take a better look at what I'm producing to make sure what I present actually reflects me a bit more. That first piece was so sugary sweet that I just couldn't handle it. I need to be a ripper too like you!! Thanks :)


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