Finding My Style

This has been a difficult post to write as I can't seem to find exactly the right words. Bear with me.

One of my goals this year has been to work on 'finding my passion.' I know that is a vague and strange goal, but for a while I've had a hard time defining just who I am. I guess staying home as a housewife/jewelry artist has left me kinda lost. I feel that in both my jewelry-making and day-to-day appearance, I just don't know what my 'style' is and would love to figure that out.

I feel as though I've had an epiphany this past week in regard to that goal. See, with my birthday (and birthday money) I'm getting to do a bunch of clothes/wardrobe shopping. In preparation for that I spent some time perusing Wardrobe Remix on Flickr for inspiration and ideas. Now, I know I've never been a trendy or fashion-conscious kinda girl. Most of my wardrobe is comfy clothes, but I want to make a move toward making sure it reflects something of my personality, even if it is still comfy cozy.

As I began to imagine my ideal wardrobe I realized that the jewelry I want to make fits in with that image perfectly. . .fairly romantic but whimsical, flowy with a touch of punk/hardness, professional but punctuated with humor, vintage with a modern sparkle, outdoorsy with a steampunk edge. I understand that this may mean NOTHING to you, but in my head it all makes complete sense.

It's relief to have this mostly figured out and to have a sense of direction. I know that it's nothing set in stone, but at least I have a path now.

I even got a few necklaces completed that veer in this 'new direction' (see above and below)

I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Have you ever struggled with determining your style? What steps did you take to figure it out or have you figured it out yet? Do you think having a SET style is important for designers?

Oh. . .and I've been meaning to mention for DAYS now (but I was busy having a light-bulb moment) that my Natural Neutral Bracelet was featured in this lovely "Neutrals" treasury.

I know none of this has anything to do with what's important today. . .the CANDY!! Ha!
I hope you have a very spooky and spectacular Halloween!


  1. LeeLu- Whew! I was so worried I wasn't making any sense to anyone but myself. Thank you! ;)

  2. I really like these "new direction" necklaces ♥ I'm not sure what your wardrobe is going to look like, but it sounds like it's going to have flair and be pretty. Happy Birthday!

  3. Yep, I get you as well. My clothing style tends to be classic casual, and that's mostly how I see my jewelry designs as well. Some branch into fun and funky, and some just branch! :) I think the clothes we are drawn to are a good indicator of the jewelry styles we wear as well. Good post!

  4. I struggle with that too. And wonder if it will get worse once I'm staying home and not getting up to go to the day job every day. I think my goal should be to try to maintain some sense of style even if it's just me and the cat seeing it. I rarely wear my own jewelry but rock a lot of other designers work.
    :) I like the necklaces you created! I think you're heading in the right direction.

  5. I think as creative people, we always question ourselves and our work. But I think the best advice anyone has ever given me is to... keep making what you feel is right; style is something that is developed over time and trial. Work hard and let things settle as they will. As far as fashion is concerned, I feel the same way... wear what you like and what feels right. With all that said, good job on shedding a little light on what makes you, you.

  6. I work from home and know exactly what you mean about losing your style. It is easy to forget that our appearance affects our attitude and mood. Feeling put together is important.

  7. I totally get what you're saying. I'm over 50, but I realized this year that my "style" has always been dictated by what was required of my professional life, or being a mom, or a Marine Corps wife. I've been in the process of figuring out a lot of this stuff, and getting other people out of my head so I can focus on what I think God is saying to me about me. It's been a long and sometimes painful process but it feels so good to have a clearer picture of who I am.

    And, coincidentally, tomorrow I am having my hair done to celebrate - a glaze and some pink streaks in honor of Lori Anderson, who has been such an inspiration!

    So rock on - let yourself express yourself. Glad you had the light-bulb moment - they're worth the effort. :-)

    (P.S. You've been BLOG BOMBED!)

  8. Oh Hope I totally get this! I am a t-shirt jeans stay at home mom who blings it up with jewelry but determining my style was hard. I can't wait to see you new clothes!!! I love the jewelry!

  9. This make total sense to me. Looks like you are on your way to finding your style.

  10. Finding my own "style" seemed really hard at first (when I was younger, years ago). I think because I was over-thinking it. I found that as I got older and had less time to worry over stuff like that, it just flowed. I also saw that it had evolved (and continues to evolve) over time. This is natural. After all, nothing else about us is "set in stone"! I certainly don't look or even feel like that 30-year old I was 26 years ago! Art is fluid, just as life is. It adapts and evolves to changing circumstances.

  11. MY! There are so many of you who don't have your e-mail address attached to your google profile. Anyway. . .

    Shirley- For some reason I've never made that connection. With my my clothes and my designs, I've been absolutely struggling to figure out what I want. I'm so glad I'm beginning to see a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel! Thank you.

    Andrew- Aw you are too kind. I enjoy creating purely for the sake of creating sometimes and have found that my end results aren't always. . .something to be proud of. I know that I am constantly my own work-in-progress and your words to make what feels right really resonates with me. I need to stop creating just to create and work toward what fits ME. Thank you for your profound words. I think I might have had another light-bulb moment.

    Sara- Just putting on clothes that I'm proud to wear out of the house makes me feel more confident, even if I don't even leave the house. This epiphany for my jewelry had also given me a boost of confidence. It's empowering somewhat. As a PAINFULLY shy individual, this may be exactly the boost I needed. I had no idea.

    Francesca- EXACTLY!! I remember having a firm grasp on my sense of style when I was in college and that's the same sense of style I seem to be leaning back toward. Oh you're getting a fun color in your hair! I'm so jealous. . .I've been wanting some blue in mine for ages. One day. Thank you for stopping by and being so encouraging and well as inspiring.

    Karen- I definitely need to keep this 'fluidity' in mind and not box myself in to this new idea . . .even though I am totally stoked by it right now. I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

  12. Happy Halloween! Sometimes a self evaluation is needed! Glad you have a direction! Your designs are fantastic!

  13. I hear ya. I work part time in a warehouse, and when I'm not working I am home cleaning or making jewelry. It seems silly to buy nice clothes when I might wear them only occasionally. Still I would like to look nice when I go out in public. The trouble is I really can't find a style that suits me. I don't do trendy, and I'm very modest so no low pants or cleavage. Plus, I dislike shopping with a passion because it's frustrating.Actually I just realized I have no 'style' and maybe that's why I dislike shopping. Good for you on finding your own style!!!

  14. This made total sense to me and I so wish I had my direction as well figured out.

  15. I know exactly what you are feeling. I struggle with a personal style as well. I follow a blogger with a great sense of fashion who is in my size range (I have a hard time following fashion bloggers that don't have to struggle for size as I do) and it really has helped. I think in terms of my own jewelry designing I feel like I don't have a cohesive style. I seem to straddle so many different styles. I don't think that anything I make looks cohesive! And the fact that we are always evolving just complicates matters. I wish you joy in the journey as you discover your true path and what makes your heart sing! Enjoy the day, Miss Hope. Erin

  16. Gaea- Thank you! You are really too kind. I'm constantly self-evaluating, but often I just fail to take any action on it. This time I was productive. YAY! :)

  17. Tanya- I've been working this over in my brain for a while now and something just finally 'clicked' last week. Here's hoping your inspirational moment comes very soon!!


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