Rain Delay (TRT)

Don't you just love the rain?
You know - watching it from your window, listening to it on the roof, letting Mother Nature take over and moisturize the Earth. Yeah, me too.
UNTIL I get stuck driving in it or carrying sackfuls of groceries to the car in it.
Let's just say I had a bit of a rough spell after work.
I'm surprised at how positive I stayed throughout the day, despite the fact it was a Monday AND despite the fact the Mother Nature gave me her own monthly gift this morning. I was in a good good mood, a positively surprisingly upbeat mood.
UNTIL, I got stuck in the downpour. Then, my spirits started draining. My good mood started waning. My stamina DROPPED!

I made a promise to myself to work on the craft room (at least a tiny bit) each day. So, even with the energy of a three-toed sloth, I pulled out a few boxes of beads and began to sift through them. I'm finding it so very hard to decided what to keep and what to purge. How am I supposed to know what I MIGHT need/want at some point down the line? Almost every bead type I touch springs new ideas. I was eventually able to weed out a few beads, ones I know I'll never need. I really shouldn't have started with some of the 'newer' bead boxes. In any case, it's a start. And I accomplished something. It's an accomplishment damnit!!

In the next few days, I should start feeling like myself again and may be able to work on this with renewed vigor. For now, I'm taking it a little at a time. I don't want to go into "Bead-Loss Shock" or anything. Yeah, I made that up, but I bet it could totally exist, especially for us bead-a-holics.

Now for some more "Totally Random Tuesday" tidbits:
  • In keeping with the theme of the day, here are 15 euphamisms for the time of the month (Ah, the joys of being a woman.)
  • 20 types of art student - I wasn't an art student, but did go to a liberal arts college where there were quite a few art students, so I can relate somewhat. Now that I am crafty(ier), I find this entertaining/amusing.
  • GAME - Red Remover- bit of a puzzle/physics game.
  • These have been all over the place but are worth a looksee - Styrofoam coffee cup art. Cool!! The site has a link to the story and to the flickr set.
 Hopefully, I can be more productive after work today. Hopefully!


    1. I hear you! I'm working on my own craft room right now. I'm trying to remind myself that if I haven't used a supply I've been hoarding for one year, two years, or even longer, then it's definitely time for it to go. So what's the one thing that you've had forever but that you still can't part with even though you're not using it?

    2. I too find it so difficult to purge supplies. I have found ver compact and concise organization makes it easier to keep EVERYTHING even if it is tedious to sometimes pull things out to work with them.

    3. Kim - I don't think I've made it that far. . .at least not far enough to stumble upon anything that makes me mutter "I didn't know I still had this - I can't get rid of it" I'm sure there are quite a few of those in the mess. But, since I'm taking it slowly, I haven't found them quite yet.

      Stitch - I'm at the point now though, that I don't even know what all I have anymore. It's all just a distraction away from actually being creative. Plus, going through all of this stuff is inspiring me and reminding me of some of the projects I had intended. When I'm done, I'm sure I'll still have WAY MORE than I need. :)

    4. I try to reorganize my art supplies twice a year. I never really get through all of it; however, it helps tremendously when I'm constipated, creative-wise, I mean. As you wrote, it helps with coming up with new ideas and revisiting old ones.

    5. feel free to ship any beads you don't want anymore to me. My youngest loves to bead things!

    6. I might just have a bunch of beads to send ya . . . ;)


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