Organizing in the Craft Room - Toggles

Let's try this again. . .
While this was written a few weeks ago, I’m STILL working on the Craft Room organization and purge. I’ve made it through the beads and some other large areas, but I’m nearing the closet and that’s a BIG task. It’s definitely intimidating. Yet, I know I’m making progress as I see the pile in my living room of items to be donated grow and grow. It’s MASSIVE!!

So. . . . as I went through the beads, I found myself to be a bit more ‘ruthless’ with the sort. I even started to wonder what frame of mind I was in when I bought some of them. I know I was younger but so MANY of the beads were just. . . juvenile. Really! What in the world do I need star and butterfly-shaped iridescent glass beads for? What was I thinking? I know I wasn’t 12 when I bought these, but looking at them, you would think I had been. It makes me realize how long ago it was when I first started beading and how limited the choices in this area were. It was all too easy to bag up some of those types of beads without hesitation and toss them in the ‘get rid’ box.

The beads that did cause me to pause; I was able to pick up, examine, and get a feel for them. If after 30 seconds or so I couldn’t think how to work those into a design, I knew they were goners. Easy enough.

BUT!! Let me get to the purpose of this post. While I was sorting and organizing, I was able to come up with a really great way to make some of the containers look a little neater and help me locate items at the same time.
A little background: All my toggle clasps were jammed into one of the sections of a clear, plastic container. When I wanted a toggle, I would root around in that section for one I liked and then begin the search for its mate.
To remedy this, I pulled out a book ring and some large jump rings. Basically, I just hooked the two matching pieces together with a large jump ring and slid the pair onto the book ring. EASY PEASY!!

I did the same thing for earring wires too.

They fit in the container much better now!!
I've been saving this picture for so long I don't even remember where it came from. With Easter creeping up on me, I need to go ahead and share it. I'm sorry I don't have the credits to give. In any case, this answers the long asked question of where Easter Eggs come from. . .he he he


  1. Oh, there are so many other captions running through my messed-up mind...

    ...anyways...I can relate to wondering what frame of mind you were in when purchasing certain beads ... I think the same thing when I come across some novelty yarns in my stash.

  2. I'm sure there much more that can be said about that picture . . .it's just priceless.

    Novelty yarn - I just bagged up a bunch of that too. And I don't even really knit or crochet. TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

  3. I know a little girl who would love some give aways of Aunt Hope's. She hosted a beading party at after school care yesterday. She planned it on her own.

  4. That's too funny! I'm guessing she used some of her birthday stash. . .

    Once I get all the stuff OUT of the room, I'm gonna go through it and see what's worth giving away and what just needs to be donated. I may have also missed some trash in my frenzy.

    Don't worry she's def on my list (of course, she already got the first part of the de-stash - some of what I gave her was some of my old stuff, was more appropriate for her anyway!)


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