Silent Auction Jewelry (TRT)

I've done it again. Done and gotten my head wrapped up in the world of vampires and werewolves in Forks. Dangit. I spent ALL of last week re-reading the four Twilight books. Not because of the new movie, but because I felt like it. Plain and Simple. While the images of teenage vampires are still swirling in my head, I'm trying to re-enter reality. Forgive me.

I did promise to share some pictures of the jewelry pieces I created for the silent auction a few weeks ago. Here goes: (there are two pictures of each - the first is the display of the whole set and the second is a close up of the main piece.)

It's "Totally Random Tuesday" as well:
  • This is more organization than anything - 5 best recipe managers.
  • How cool is this apron with conversions on the bottom - BUT I like the DIY idea better for this or any kind of info you often need while in the kitchen: conversions, substitutions, basic recipes, etc.
  • Since I played the violin for over 5 years, I find this a bit interesting. Is this the future of violins? This one is cool.
  • Yet another game- this one is scrabble like. Use letters before they disappear. Be warned, the letters you use also disappear. If you like word games, this is a good one.
  • Famous last meal requests (as provided by Wikipedia). I find this interesting. I've often try to figure out what I would ask for as a last meal and am not really sure. What about you? What would you request?
How'd you like the jewelry??


  1. I love the second necklace. All the pieces llok great but the 2nd one is definitely my favorite.

  2. AW thanks. That was the more "modern in-style" pieces. The others were just 'standards.' I've seen a lot of multi-strand necklaces on TV and online in the more fashion-centered areas and thought I would try to make one myself. I think it was a success!

  3. My fav is the one with the LLS emblem. Such a cool idea and very simple! Wish I could have bid on it!!! See you next week. :-)

  4. G - ReallY? That surprises me for some reason. I'd thought you'd like the same one as Jules. . .of course the same person got BOTH of them at the auction anyway. Whatever!! I'm glad you like that one too. It was one of those ideas that just came to me and I thought would go over well at an LLS function.

  5. Do you sell your stuff on Etsy ( If you don't you should open up an account. Your jewelry is wonderful.

  6. Thanks ANON - I do have an account with Etsy and have signed up for a store, but have yet to list any items. I'm just not that confident yet. It's in the works though. I've got lots of support and encouragement to do it, just need to take the plunge.


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