I've Been Crafty Once Again (FGF)

Guess what!!
Crafty Hope (me) was actually CRAFTY this week!!
Now, I don't have any pictures to share. . .yet!
But, on Sunday I finished up some jewelry for a silent auction that's tomorrow. Three distinctly different 'sets'. One is a set of soldered earrings and a pendant necklace; one is a beaded set of earrings, bracelet, and necklace; and the last is a multi-strand chain and seed bead necklace. I'm pretty proud of all three.

In addition (YES - there's MORE!), the function at which these are being auctioned is a dance, with a theme. The theme is Bandstand (ranging from the 50's to the 80's; but we're leaning toward the 50's.) Since we take snacks for the dance, I decided to make some album bowls by melting them. I used both large and small albums for chip/cracker and dip containers. And, they turned out GREAT!

Yesterday was another crafty day for me. I made a brooch for my cardigan (that goes with the poodle skirt my mom made me) out of felt and buttons. It was so simple and is so fun! THEN after dinner with friends, I broke out the glue gun! I had decided that I needed some way to display my jewelry for the auction. So I found some netting, frames, and fabric samples at the thrift store. I glued in the netting, placed the fabric behind it, and slid the frame back into place. The earrings hang fine, I just need to find some small hooks now to get the necklaces and bracelet to hang. They're not the 'prettiest' things in the world - but I think they'll work!!

It's strange how much more like me I feel when I actually get to fit in some time to be creative!! Now to get through this dance and onto Sunday when I can RELAX!! Whew!

Read all the way to the bottom to find out more about this picture***
How about some "Feel Good Friday"
So that's it. Now go on, enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend. I'm sure as heck gonna try. I might even sneak in some more crafting if I'm lucky!!

***That picture up there was taken a few weeks ago at the beach. Those are just the bottoms of someone's shoes. LOML and I call this picture "The Beach of Lost Soles" :)
We think it's funny!!

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