I've had it on the books (in my planner) for a ling time to do a blog post on "A Day in My Life". Yesterday I tried to take the time to get the pictures and write down the notes of what I did. In that process, I discovered something: I got more accomplished. Or, at least, it feels like I got more done.

More daily tasks were completed and weekly tasks checked off.
A peek at my checklist of items I hope to complete each day.

Chickens were tended to.
Bertha, Ethel, and Hazel (L-R) getting some time outside yesterday.

Chores were done.
This was my to-do list first thing in the morning before anything was accomplished.

Art was made.
I made an attempt to catch up on my weekly altered playing cards. . .and made a dent! You'll get to see them when I do a goal review (next week most likely)

Shopping was done.
I picked these up after reading about them on BulletJournalJoy, and then NEEDING them.

Booth was stocked.
I added a few items to the shelves of my booth at Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope.

Husband was helped.
He needed some assistance while building the chicken coop. I just held some boards up for him. That's the extent of how I can help for now - I'll be painting it soon. Oh, and shhhh....he doesn't know I'm using this picture!

Jewelry was listed.
This Aqua Flower Brooch Necklace was added to the etsy shop.

Social media wasn't ignored. (You'll just have to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat (craftyhope) . . .or take my word for it.)

And today's looking just as good despite it being a Wednesday (my 'shorter' day because it's family-visiting day. yay!).  I think my being mindful and paying attention to what I'm doing is helping me stay on track and actually get some things done. I definitely need to keep that up.

Now, I know I said something about a day in my life post. . .this wasn't it. I'm going to pick another day, another time. Even though I was being mindful about what I was doing, I didn't completely keep track of what I did or get as many pictures taken as I would like. It's coming though, just you wait!

How do you stay mindful and on track throughout the day?


  1. I have gotten to where I am the worst at keeping on track. Been having a lot of fatigue so I have been dying after work physically and my days off are spent recovering. I have been listening to a lot of books & podcasts though.

    I do have to say that I love your lists. They are always so bright and fun.

  2. Beautiful, Hope! I love the new necklace a lot; your booth looks really great; your chickens are cuties; your bujo and productivity are inspiring. I have been neglecting to use mine and so have been meandering off track too much lately, tbh!

    1. Millie, So glad you like the necklace. I'm pretty smitten with it also. I definitely don't use the bullet journal as prescribed but I think that's what I like about the method: it's SOOOOO flexible. And, I keep finding more bloggers and Instagrammers and others who have even more inspiring methods. Anyway, I have to use it to keep track of what I'm supposed to be doing. I've always been a list-maker though. This just enables that obsession.

  3. I'd be more inclined to finish my chore list if it looked as pretty as yours. Art at work.

    1. Leslie Anne, You are too sweet, as always. I have a pen obsession and like to use ALL OF THEM. So, colorful lists are definitely my jam. And, like I said to Millie, I can't get anything accomplished without a list to remind me what it was I wanted to get done! Thanks for popping in!

  4. Good job(s)! Sounds like a lot to me - as I am working full time, I often have to sacrifice crafting for chores or vice versa :)

  5. Pretty necklace! You are so organized. Since I retired, I think I mostly drift through my days. I do keep a running project list, so that I cross off something when I get it done. It's not nearly as artsy as yours though! BTW -- cute chickens!

  6. Good for you :) you are much more organized that I am lol. I love that picture of the chicks :)


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