Thanksgiving Rambles

I'm writing this on Thanksgiving eve as my sweet potatoes bubble away on the stove so I can pre-make sweet potato casserole for tomorrow's big event. While I have a scant few minutes of down time, I thought I'd pop in with a rambling, pondering, things I've found lately pos.


Now for the ramblings/pomderings
**I'm so tired of seeing commercials for shops that AREN'T going to be open on Thanksgiving. Like it's some big, special thing. It wasn't until last year (as I remember. . .could be fuzzy) a few shops decided to be open on Thanksgiving. And now these other shops are all, "Hey, look at us! We're going to do the same thing we've ALWAYS done, but now we want you to be proud of us for it." WTH!? It just bothers me.

** I was talking to my niece about 80s music and I realized that I know we call the 1920s the 20s and the 1970s the 70s, and so on. . .but what to we call the 2000s? The naughts? The zeros? The nothings? What about the 2010s? The tens? The teens? I'm baffled. anybody got a good answer?

** So, I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house - for the first time EVER tomorrow. I'm so excited but shocked by the prospect that I think I've been in denial. I keep thinking it's not really going to happen and thus I haven't really been busting my butt to get anything done (I didn't start cleaning the house in earnest until today. I haven't made any decorations. And, I'm not super stressed about the food. . .well, not until I realized that I hadn't planned any munchies/relish tray/appetizers. Pat calmed me down and we came up with a plan) Anyway, in this whole semi-getting-ready process I've unpacked my good china (inherited)  that I've never eaten from and some stemware (also inherited) but then realized that Pat and I only have a single set of flatware. . .enough for four. We never inherited any flatware, we had to go shopping! And now that I feel like I'm starting to get everything handled, I kinda wanted to plan something insane and memorable just in case I never get to host again but am afraid that may be the cause of me never hosting again. This is going to be quite the experience. I kinda want everyone to wear pilgrim hats then go spread smallpox to the neighbors (since we're new to the neighborhood and all.) Anyway, wish me luck!

**I stumbled on this video the other day and just had to share. #4 is my favorite one for sure - Pat and I quote it all the time.

**My family has its own share of funny Thanksgiving moments. My favorite is probably the time my aunt went to give grace and said the Pledge of Allegiance instead. We tease her about it to this day.

** Finally, I have so very much to be thankful for. My heart overflows with love from my family and friends, a dream house over my head, and plenty of food in my kitchen. I wish for all of you the very best. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I love your suggestions about the music, ha-ha! Your dinner party will be OK, I remember your food posts - you're a versatile cook! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Hope,
    I hope your Thanksgiving went on without a hitch and all had a wonderful time and said that you need to host this event again. Now you have me pondering about the 2000's!


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