Back in the Etsy Shop

I feel like I've talked about the new house and the move and the other stuff plenty enough for now. Though, I do plan on sharing some of the property/pool with y'all eventually. For now, I'm still trying to get back on track and get unpacked!

Since the CraftyHope Etsy shop was looking a quite forlorn, I relisted quite a few items that just feel like Fall to me.
Winged Heart Necklace
Hardware Garden Necklace
Bingo Chip Earrings
Altered Scrapbook Flower Earrings
Stamped Flower Garden Earrings
Triple Button Earrings
Graceful Autumn Bracelet
Chunky Junky Bracelet
Tribalette Earrings
Faux Watch Bracelet
The shop looks much less empty now. I hope to add some more expired items back to the shop before the weekend's up. If there's something you'd like to see listed/relisted in the etsy shop, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

So, that's it for now. . .back to the never-ending to do list!

Have a fantastic last weekend of summer!


  1. Loving that first necklace, the winged one...

    1. Oh, me too!! Most of the components for that one were made by Rebekah of Tree Wings Studio. She's such a talented artist!

  2. Love everything Hope, especially the watch bracelet and the tribalette earrings, very cool!

    1. Jenna, Thanks so much. Your opinion means so very much to me! Now to get to work making some NEW things! :)

  3. I am glad to see someone I know who still is on Etsy. A lot of women in my groups have moved to Indiemde and other locations. I closed my Artfire shop and have been trying to decide where to go next. I tried a shop on Zibbet but not much luck there. SIGH. anyhow, you sure have some pretty things there.

    1. Lee, I don't see any sense in moving right now. I've considered it and looked at other options. While I don't sell much on Etsy, it's at least something most people know. Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

  4. Oh, my, you moved to a new house, you're still unpacking and your Etsy shop is already back! And I am too scared to open a shop like I planned - one more lesson for me! Great you're back on track!

  5. YaY!! You are back on Etsy!! Are you going to make the move to Amazon Handmade??? I know that would be a lot of moving.. lol I just have to say again.. I love love love your house.. Happy first day of Fall.

  6. Hi Hope! All these pieces are so pretty but I really love the hardware garden piece!! so fun!


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