Mixed Media Videos from May 2023

 It's well past time for another quick roundup of the mixed-media art videos I published on YouTube last month. Clicking on either the photo or the caption should take you to the video. And, don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

I'll start with the pieces created as part of my #CraftyHopePrompts project. You can learn more about this in any of the videos. But, know that it's a weekly project in which I alter a playing card and then create another project using the same prompts.

Card 31: Gesso, Mushroom, Tag

Project 31 - Junk Journal Spread with Tag

Card 32 - Beads, Acrylic Ink, Distress Ink Pad, 

Project 32 - Art Journal Page

Card 33 - Word/Phrase Stamp, Numbers, Metal

Project 33 - Altered Flashcard Tag

Card 34 - Soft pastel, Draw a face, Write with a paintbrush

Project 34 - Junk Journal Page

The other mixed media videos that I shared during the month were process videos of some of the Mini Assemblages I made for The 100-Day Project.

Mini Assemblages 57, 60, & 64

Mini Assemblages 65, 70, & 71

Mini Assemblages 74, 76, & 88

For this last one, Day 89, here's the actual video!

And, that was it for the month.

As I said, if you have any questions at all, ask away!


  1. I love the inspiring sentiments that you have chosen this week. Have your ever thought of doing a large assemblage/installation using your mini assemblages?

    1. Divya, Thank you! That's almost exactly what I was hoping to do with some of the smaller assemblages - combine them together into something larger. Some of them will work fine as they are in a shadowbox frame. But, others will need more. I think combining them will help do that. I'm so glad you're seeing a similar vision for them too. Yay!


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