Jewelry for sale and in progress

Coming off vacation and trying to get back into a routine has been harder than I thought. I just can't seem to catch up enough to actually be creative. Instead, there's been a lot of cleaning, shopping, and taking family members to doctor appointments. But, there is finally new jewelry at the booth, in the Etsy shop, and being made. Here's a peek at it all!

At my booth in Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope (Greeno Road location), you'll find these beauties.

That's the view of the shelves top to bottom. I definitely need to work on displaying the earrings a little better. I'm overloaded with them after #The100DayProject. And, I want to change the sign that's at the top of the booth (not pictured). Plus, I'm thinking of making that bottom shelf a "Discounted" or "Sale" section. In any case, I need to eke out time to focus on those projects.

As for the CraftyHope Etsy shop, there are a few new pieces there as well.
Altered Daisy Necklace

Humblebeads Fairy Earrings

Dragonfly Earrings
I'm trying to add at least one listing to the shop each day. Though, I can't promise that that will happen. It's something.

Making jewelry seems to be the biggest hurdle for some reason. However, I did pull out some elements that have been lingering the craft room since OCTOBER(!!) and made progress with them.
These are the backs from watches I dissected for their parts and fronts. I couldn't bear to toss out the backs, especially since they resembled little bezels. Back in October, I had Pat drill holes into them for me. Once he returned them to me, I bagged them up and set them aside. Big mistake! In the picture above, I used jump rings to join them together so I could get a feel for how it looks as one piece.

From there, I pulled out my little drawer of flat back elements (cabochons, cabs) and came up with a pleasing design. I removed the jump rings before altering the insides with Iced Enamels. In the picture, I haven't adhered the cabs yet and was still deciding whether I liked the layout.

I've since made a little progress with this project and hope to finish it up today. I also hope that it inspires me to get my butt in gear and knock out some more jewelry. Ha!

So, that's what's going on in my jewelry world. What's new in yours?


  1. You are fortunate to have a spot to display your jewelry. I am sure that takes up additional time keeping it looking good. Your dragonfly earrings are gorgeous. I am loving having new and really arty earrings to wear after winning yours. They are great looking. Thank you!

    1. Kathy,
      I am happy to have a place to try to sell my jewelry. I pay rent on it each month though. It does take time and money to do it and sometimes I feel like I have neither. But, it's something at least!
      I'm so glad to know that the earrings made it to you and you like them also. Yay! It's a huge compliment to have another designer like what I made. I appreciate it so :)

  2. The business side of jewelry making can be tedious and maybe that's why I haven't turned my hobby into a business yet ;) Just kidding, I am moving this same way! I am now working on a collection for an art show in October and am going through the stage where I think that I am not good enough and have to improve my designs, ha-ha!

  3. Beautiful display Hope! I've got to get over there soon and see in person! I want to swing by Kim's booth in Daphne too...


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