Review of Week 1 Goals for 2016

I shared with you my goals for the year, so I thought I'd share how the first week went.

I counted this past week (the 3rd - 9th) as the first week of 2016 because it just didn't seem reasonable to try to cram a week's worth of goals into two days.
I used my bullet journal to write out a reminder of what I wanted to accomplish. I'm proud to say I was able to check off everything on the list!

The voice recording goal for the week was actually started the week before. I was pretty sure I had figured it out, but the real task was putting it into action in one of my videos. Alas, I have yet to upload that particular video because my internet is painfully slow, and I have to finish uploading all the other ones first. But, I figured it out nonetheless. I will admit that I'm not completely happy with the recording because I was so nervous, I don't sound like myself much in it. I'll work on that!

The altered card came together quickly. I added bits and pieces found on my desk to a card I had already painted (using up some paint that was left from another project,) A few stencils, a sticker, the rose image, and a border completed the card.

I really had to force myself to get this necklace made before the week ran out. I'll admit that I only completed it yesterday morning. But, I did wear it to a brunch party just a few hours later. I think it turned out really lovely.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to push myself to get not one, but two blog posts up this past week. The Crackle clothes pin magnet one was the one I aimed for, but I was also able to show off my Christmas gifts too!

I even got an art journal page complete. In fact, it was one of the first goals I was able to check off the list. I decided beforehand to journal my word for the year. Having a direction really helped me finish up this page. I'm not real sure what I'll do for this week yet, but another specific direction might help. I'll think on it.

This upcoming week promises to be difficult. My Mardi Gras Ball is Saturday, and the bulk of the week is set aside for preparing for it. However, I did take a few moments this morning to write out this week's goals.
I'll admit that some of these may end up being 'cheats' because I will be short on time. I've pretty much already started the blog calendar - just need to get it into shape a little more. I'll probably do some earrings for the jewelry design- quick and easy. And, this post can count as my blog post for the week if necessary. It's the altered card and journal page that have me a little worried. I'll figure it out though hopefully.

Oh, and I'm totally helping with the National Championship game tomorrow. I've got my lucky beer bought, I'll wear crimson all day, and I'll make myself hoarse yelling at the television. I'm ready! ROLL TIDE!

So, after this first week of 2016, how are your goals looking?


  1. I can imagine you feel good :) I admit I was afraid to set weekly goals but I am working on some promises I made to myself ;) and am well behind schedule. I am not organized at all!

  2. Hope, I love your planning mindset. I've also started a new planner this year and hope to get so much more accomplished in less time. My word for the year is relationships and one of those I'm working on is time... I've got to get along better with the clock!

    1. Kim, Thank you. I'm trying. The beginning is always the easiest. Keeping it going is harder. I understand the clock issue. I argue with it every morning and really want to get up earlier. Best of luck to you in achieving all you've set out to do. I've seen your aspirations and love that you've planned so far in advance. I hope we get to see each other many times in this new year! :)


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